11 December, 2017

Project Management

Project Management

Building or refitting a superyacht whether it is a semi-custom or a full-custom project, is a highly complex process that needs professional expertise to be successfully managed. Nicola Nicolai, provides superyachts’ owners with 360 degrees experience of product and process and full management of the project leaving them only the enjoyment of the build process.


As owner’s representative, Nicola Nicolai will protect the client’s investment during the building of the yacht.

He will coordinate and oversee the project working along with project manager, designers, naval architects, shipyard and all other involved parties ensuring all targets are achieved on time, on budget and according to the desired quality standard.

Thanks to his experience in superyacht building, he will be the project’s insider on the owner’s side.


  • Assisting the owner in the selection of the project’s team
  • Owner’s team and consultants’ management
  • Design and engineering supervision and coordination
  • Production supervision and coordination
  • Project planning, supervision and coordination
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • Change orders management and control
  • Consistent presence and support on the project
  • Project Progress reporting
  • Clear communication between all involved parties
  • Timely decisions


Acting as client’s project manager, thanks to his nearly 20 years’ experience in superyacht building and selected network of experts in the industry, he ensures the project smoothly progresses on time, on budget and  according to the desired quality standard.

Fully managing and overseeing the process, he makes sure the owner enjoys the building of the desired project while making a valuable investment.


  • Owner’s team and consultants’ management
  • Interior and exterior design development management
  • Executive designing and engineering development management
  • Planning coordination and supervision
  • Budgeting and cost control management and supervision
  • Change orders management and control
  • Production supervision
  • Technical surveys’ management
  • Test, Commissioning and Delivery coordination and supervision
  • Project Progress reporting